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Why is Online Dating so Popular? - Exquisite Introductions

First dates can be awkward. So awkward in fact, that a lot of people dread the prospect of them. But they don’t have to be. The way you conduct yourself on a first date can either leave the other person wanting to see you again or praying they never see you again. Below we outline some tips on what not to do on a first date, so you can avoid any potential pitfalls and come across as someone who is confident and intelligent instead of desperate, creepy, weird or overly eager. 

Let’s face it: dating is hard. It’s easy to feel like there are no good single people left in the world – especially if you’re going on a lot of bad dates as a result of your time-intensive efforts in online dating sites (which research has shown are pretty ineffective).  

Fortunately, there are some things that you should avoid on a first date if you want it to go well. Avoiding these things will not only help your chances with this person, but it will also let you know much more about them in the process. 


  • Don't be on your phone the entire time
  • Don't bring a group of friends to the first date when it was supposed to be just the two of you
  • Do not monopolize the conversation. Let the other person talk. You need one or two stories max to mirror whatever they are talking about and let them do the rest. Remember, they want to like you more. Let them talk herself into it.
  • Do NOT avoid eye contact - especially when their talking. Do not ever avert your eyes when they look at you. For some reason, this covers up a lot of mistakes.
  • Do not talk about your ex
  • Go to an interactive first date where you can get to know one another. Don't go to something like a movie, play, etc where you sit silently. 
  • Don't spend or be expected to have to spend a lot of money on the first date
  • Don't show up drunk 
  • Make sure you clean, have your hair not in a mess, have clean clothes, make sure you don't smell, put a decent effort into getting ready
  • Don’t body shame, pinpoint any body issues like pimples, scars etc
  • Don’t force to go and do things that only you’re excited about!
  • Just be light hearted, talk about education, movies, likes, food etc .Show interest in them , their live
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