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Part 2: Reddit Sexsells: The 10 Red Flags

Continuing on things you need to look out for! These are tips from someone who went through it all. You can find part 1 here:
Part 1

Here is a continued list of signs you should look at, please pay attention to them! 

  • The performer uses excuses like:
    • My phone ran out of battery
    • I had to get a charging cord. I'll be right back 
    • I had to restart my phone
    • The app is acting weird, sorry for the delay
  • The performer takes the exact same photos:
    • They are the same photos that rotate around their history
    • They use photos that are used on other sites they promote
  • The performer entices you with the "occasional" photo which is easily found on one of their posting places
  • The performer uses time to their advantage
    • asks you a lot of questions "to start" 
    • they have to get ready or have to do something right after receiving money 
    • they want to dress in the outfit you like, especially when you tell them before what you want 
  • They claim to be ready but the moment you send money they need "a few minutes"
  • They respond every few minutes instead of near real time when it's supposed to be a conversation (if you paid for sexting)
  • They claim that you are lucky to be talking to them 
    • Typical gaslighting maneuver to make you the culprit
    • They tell you about how many other people they could be with 
  • They specifically time when you "send a gift" as the starting point, not the time they actually spend with you 

I have a part 3 coming but here are the first 2 sections that will help people not get in trouble or scammed.