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The Performer who Promotes other Performers

One of the things I've seen with certain performers on sites is that they will continually promote other performers. When I say this, I mean the performers who every other post is not their own. Every once and a while you get performers who give a shout out to someone which is normal. This post is meant for the performers who just pump out content about themselves while also promoting other random performers in their cartel (description: "intended to promote a mutual interest."). This is a dangerous type of seller because they are part of a collective group that all promote each other. The performer will even use others posts as ways to show they are "active". I totally understand why they do it. simply a marketing exercise. The problem is a few things:

  • Firstly, you paid for that performer; you didn't pay for advertisements.
  • The performer is more worried about how they can get their name brand out there than they are about what you paid for
  • The performer is worried about their "likes" or their "reach" vs actually satisfying what they offered

When I say, "doing their job", it's merely a fact that if someone paid you for something you promised. It's the basis of a contact, you paid for a service and expect that service in return. They didn't pay to get advertisements or recommendations for other performers. I totally understand the upside a performer gets and wants from cross-promoting. Overall, though, and I have no statistics to back this up, my guess is the performer will do worse over time. I wouldn't recommend or stay subscribed to performers who have this behavior. 

The warning here is that if you subscribe to a performer and they are actively promoting everyone but themselves you should be weary. If you've ever worked in the service industry, imagine if your waiter/waitress came to your table. The first thing they said was "Thanks for being here and we have great food but have you seen all the other nearby restaurants?". 

Now I am not comparing a performer to a restaurant, it's merely an analogy. No one wants to get a service that is promoting something they didn't pay for.