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Reddit Sexsells: The 10 Red Flags

So, a lot of people pay for time with sellers on the subreddit /r/sexsells. There are clear and obvious signs to look out for on what you should avoid and what you should pay attention to. Here are my tips that will help you find someone who cares about the work they do versus someone who is trying to get as much money and/or the easiest job they can from you.

Now, a lot of people will argue that this is like a strip club or another similar service. That is a fair argument but you also need to think about how you are paying for a service. You pay money and you get something in return. The problem comes when you are paying money and not getting what is advertised or what is asked for. Some sellers will go as far as acting like they are doing you a favor. The customer is not always right but you should be getting what you are paying for if they advertised or agreed to it beforehand.

Red Flag #1 Static Pictures: First thing to look at is their profile. If they post the same pictures over and over again with weeks to months of nothing new, you are going to get the same type of conversation. If they never add new content or just post the same thing continually, that’s a major warning. I’ve found it rare that they will treat you differently; they have their script on the topics they post about and run through it as if you are just an object. They will be very generic and won’t really tailor it to what you are paying for.

Red Flag #2 Messy Posts: This should be obvious but sellers who spend little time on their actual post/listing are just as messy when talking to you. They usually have just a blob of text with no paragraphs, page-breaks, spacing, etc. They also might have a lot of grammar or other issues (I am not the grammar police but there are clear signs something is rushed). The seller will basically just spend as little time as possible talking to you as they did writing their listing.  

Red Flag #3 Time on the site: It’s not fair to judge new-comers but I’ve found a lot of sellers who will say things like “I’m not new, my last profile got banned” or “I started a new profile for XYZ reason”. Be careful and look at when the profile was created. It gives a lot of signals you should pay attention to. Maybe they are just new or they were banned or decided to switch due to some weird reason so be careful.

Red Flag #4 Upfront Communication: If they instantly only talk about payment terms/time and nothing else, I’ve found they are less likely to care about what you want as a buyer. Sellers who spend the time to see if you both are a compatible match (without going overboard), then talk about amount of time and payments are much more likely to give you a better experience.

Red Flag #5 Posting Frequency: If a seller is posting every 30 minutes, something is off. Either the seller is not getting any clients or they are just mass-spamming and making everything generic. If you find a seller who posts way too frequently, that should let you know that they don’t have regulars who enjoy them or that they are looking to just get as much money as quickly as possible. They are more concerned with quantity over quality.

Red Flag #6 Payment Methods: It is a huge indicator of where the person is generally located (aka USA or Europe, Latin America, Eastern Europe, etc.). Some girls are upfront about how English is not their first language but most aren’t. The payment terms will easily tell you where they are. Most non-Americans won’t have venmo, onlyfans, google pay, and a few others. Most EU will have Paypal, etc. Everyone will have crypto and the one to be very wary of is Amazon Gift Cards. When someone only wants an Amazon Gift Card just say no and move on.

Red Flag #7 Ratings and reviews: This site is meant to do part of that but is not mature enough to give you good context just yet. If you find a seller who has tons of comments and topics on her posts it’s usually a good sign but conversely, if you find a seller who comments on every possible post about how they are “free” or “want to DM” etc., that’s a red flag. It’s not always but I’ve found sellers who spam every posting with how they will do the request just to be there to grab $.

Red Flag #8 Time Zone: Depending on when you are looking at /r/sexsells, it will indicate the time zone. If you are looking for a particular time zone, stick within the thought of your own time zone. Sometimes you may be up late and they are as well and rarely are they on super off hours. If they are, that usually means they are operating out of where they are claiming.

Red Flag #9 Messaging: I found that most girls who only use Kik only tend to be ones you don’t want to talk to. KiK had a weird shutdown and restart and mostly everyone switched over to Telegram. If the girl is on Kik only either they are stubborn, took a break during the chaotic shutdown, or just prefer it for some reason. Neverthless, I’ve found sellers who stick to Kik only tend to be more about money and less about your experience. Of course, there are always exceptions.

Red Flag #10 Spamming: If you find a girl who you talk to or message and who will continually spam you, that’s an issue. Either they have an auto-messenger working or are desperate. I’ve found the occasional “hello” to be fine but if it’s every day you are getting “when are we going to play next”, “Hey baby I’d love to talk”, etc., something is up (unless you are a regular). If they are continually asking, “When can we have the next session?”, its all about quantity.