In this age of smartphones, dating apps are a common way to meet new people. With so many users and options out there, you might think that it’ll be easy to find the right person for you. Unfortunately, there are also risks when using dating apps. With so many users and options out there, you might think that it’ll be easy to find the right person for you. There may also be risks when using dating apps. The danger lies in meeting potential partners in a virtual setting without proper precautions. It’s not uncommon for such apps to have fake users looking to take advantage of others in their time of vulnerability—after all, it’s very easy for anyone to create an account with false information and a Photoshopped profile photo or two and begin swiping away at potential victims.


The top red flags when on dating apps: 

I'd love to hear from others what red flags they see as well but here are the common ones I've seen, there are exceptions to every rule but this is just generally speaking the common ones:

  • They want to immediately chat on their Instagram or snapchat

  • They want some sort of monetary trade, usually they are in some dire situation where they need you to cashapp or venmo them

  • They do not ever want to meet up in person - regardless the amount of time you've been talking

  • They use weird vocabulary (eg "I am just on my mobile phone", "I don't make appointments with people until I get to know them") 

  • They don't know what's going on in the city they are supposedly in (weather, major events, etc)

  • They don't follow the same conversation (you will be talking about one thing and they don't acknowledge it and keep talking about a very particular topic)

  • If you live in a big city and they don't have a single picture with them in that city

  • A weird obsessiveness on crypto currencies 

  • "I'm not usually on this app, can you send me your number" - some variation of this after sending only a few messages 

  • They try and comfort you for no reason like: "you have such a hard job", "it seems like you work so hard" 

  • They talk about how little time they spend on the app and ask how much time you spend on it 

  • "What are you looking for" - is one of the quickest signs of a scammer 

  • They delete their profiles but keep texting you

  • They "live" in a super rich area of the city. ie: Mayfair in London.

  • Have photos of "them" with luxury goods/cars

  • When they send photos they are obviously not in the moment and stock posing photos

  • Similar but cannot take a selfie of themselves right now for x reason.

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