Reddit Sexsells: The 10 Red Flags

So, a lot of people pay for time with sellers on the subreddit /r/sexsells. There are clear and obvious signs to look out for on what you should avoid and what you should pay attention to. Here are my tips that will help you find someone who cares about the work they do versus someone who is trying to get as much money and/or the easiest job they can from you. Now, a lot of people will argue that this is like a strip club or another similar service. That is a fair argument but you also need to think about how you are paying for a service. You pay money and you get something in return. The problem comes when you are paying money and not getting what is advertised or what is asked for. Some sellers will go as far as acting like they are doing you a favor. The customer is not always right but you should be getting what you are paying for if they advertised or agreed to it beforehand.

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